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Create a Full Customer Account

Creating a Full Customer Account will allow Merchanter to create a deep information resource, that can accelerate processes and allow management, performance tracking and review cycles.

This video gives an overview of creating a Full Customer Account.

On your Merchanter system you can:

- Access New Customer Account from the Contacts Menu or Banner Controls

- Within the Customer View use +New

- Select prototype for a new customer accounts

Follow the New Customer Wizard steps to complete:

1. General Information

2. Customer Address

3. Account info

4. Trading info

5. Contact info

6. Delivery options

7. Invoicing Address

8. Marketing info

9. Credit Control

10. Pricing

11. Coding

Template options: +New customer like this

#CreateCustomer #+New #CreateCustomerLikeThis #IntroductiontoMerchanter

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