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Create a Product Kit

Updated: May 31, 2022

Creating a Product Kit allows fast ordering of proposed products and will be quick to retrieve in the system.

This video gives an overview of creating a Product Kit.

What are Kits of products?

Kits are products that are often sold together, and sometimes getting a deal or better price by being brought as a group.

On your Merchanter system you can:

- Access the Purchasing Menu - Purchases

- + New Banner Controls – Kit

- About Tab:

- Enter a Kit code

- Enter a Description

- Enter a Kit Pricing method -

o Unpriced – takes products individual prices and totals these

o Priced – Sets a Kit price total

o Discounted – Sets a kit price total with a Discount applied from the Prices & Costs Tab

- Enter additional information based on Kit requirements

- Kit Contents Tab:

- Add Products to the Kit

- Prices & Costs Tab:

- Enter required Kit price or discount values, based on Kit Pricing Method (About Tab)

- Save Kit

Kits also provide a kit product structure when added to the basket.

Within the basket a list of items in a kit, can be swapped out for other similar items based on component type.

Kits are not included in Stock Taking, due to count duplication reasons

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