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Create a Sales Quote

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Creating a Sales Quote from various areas of the software allows fast delivery of proposed orders and will be quick to retrieve in the system.

This video gives an overview of creating a Sales Quote.

On your Merchanter system you can:

- Create a Sales Quote from:

+New in the banner controls


Customer Account page

- Sales Menu – Sales Quote

- + New Quote

- Confirm Quote information

- Quote Order type options: Context sensitive to Quotes and will impact orders as they are processed in the software

- Expiry Allow - default length can be configured in software settings

- Part Ordering – allows independent ordering from lines of a quote

- Allow multiple ordering – Order fulfilled when accepting the order or remains in live quotes

- Enter - Customer information

- Find a customer by name, address or code

- Confirm - Supply & Payment Method

- Create Quote

- Search & Select products

- Review Line Options

- Set Item price or line total

- Confirm initial Quote

- Review & Confirm Quote

- Issue Documents

- Print or Email

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