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Customer Views and Editing Overview

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The Customer views help to identify key information on the business processes with editing features to ensure information is up to date.

This video gives an overview of efficiently accessing content using the Customer view and editing features to update key information.

On your Merchanter system you can:

- Contacts Menu – Access Customer Views

- Access key Customer information

- Review Customer Timeline activity

- Review Customer KPI information

- Access Customer Address Maps

- Contacts tab:

- Set Invoicing contact

- Sales contact – documents automation

- Select contact – documents automation

- Products - frequently purchased

- Quotes – overdue in Red

- Credit control- on order value – ledger will indicate unpaid

- Financials tab shows invoices that are from the sales ledger of your financials software (this is updated automatically)

- Pricing – set price and agreements

- Analysis - spending history

- Update Activity information from the timeline

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