Fast New Customer with Parent

When setting up a new customer from a template (prototype), by default this can have a parent customer to factor invoices to. This is potentially useful if you want to quickly add retail customer details, but not flood your financials with hundreds of one off cash accounts.

With this in place you keep the customer record on the trading system (Merchanter) for pricing, marketing, historical lookup, but all the invoices go to the financials under a single cash account.

How to setup Parent Customer link

  1. in Settings

  2. Customer Settings

  3. Customer Prototype Overview

  4. either edit existing Cash Customer Prototype, or Create a new Prototype record

  5. Under - Account Information

  6. Tick - Does this prototype have a parent customer?

  7. Select a parent customer - typically CASH, CASHA, ZCASH

  8. There will be a warning if you try to set a credit parent to a cash customer (or vice versa)

  9. Save and Close

#Build3534 #May2021

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