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How to add Supplier Price Lists to Merchanter

This is a how to guide on uploading spreadsheets of supplier prices into a Merchanter system.

Once loaded into the system the prices will help anticipate price changes, can ensure purchases are placed with the lowest price supplier, and can be used to automatically drive selling prices.

The 10 minute video gives a demonstration of extracting a spreadsheet of products, mapping and importing the new prices into the system.

Ways to import supplier prices

There are two ways to import spreadsheets of prices into Merchanter:

1) Supplier spreadsheet - use a spreadsheet from a supplier and map the columns and rows as part of the import process. This template for each supplier can be reused the next time they send you a spreadsheet, assuming it uses the same layout.

2) Product spreadsheet - export a spreadsheet of products from Merchanter, revise the purchase prices and import back into the system. This is the example used in the video.

Adding a new price list

  • In Purchases > Supplier Price Lists

  • Click 'New' button

New pricelist header

  • Supplier - select supplier for this import. Each spreadsheet import is for one supplier's products

  • Currency - defaults to your home currency. Only one currency per upload.

  • Price Method - Priced is for spreadsheets with your buy price against the products. PriceLessDiscount is for spreadsheets with an RRP/MRP to which you receive a reseller discount

  • Discount percentage - sets the discount from the RRP/MRP you receive if using PriceLessDiscount

  • Valid from - the day the prices come into effect, defaults to today

  • Valid to - the day the prices are valid until

  • Description - a text description for viewing multiple price lists in a table. We would recommend using <Supplier Name> <Range of Products> <Date Range> as the description, for example "Acme Supplies Adhesives Jan 22", but you can type any description you would like

  • Once completed click 'Import Spreadsheet Prices'

Mapping a new spreadsheet layout

If you are mapping a new layout of spreadsheet you will need to follow this process:

Leave the spreadsheet open so you can view the relevant columns and rows

  • Click '+ New' to start a new template

  • Edit the template name to be the supplier name and a version (for example 'Acme Supplies v1')

  • Headings row - the row that contains the field headings and won't be imported as data

  • Import from row - the number of the first row to contain price data

  • Unknown product - This works two ways. Ignore will skip any lines where a match to your products cannot be found. This is useful if importing prices for a full catalogue, where the business only trades a few of the products. Prompt user will match any products is recognises and ask the user to lookup the products it doesn't recognise to manually match them. This is useful where you trade the full range of products from a supplier and they add a few new products with the price list.

  • Product Identification - Add in the columns that contain the Supplier product code; EAN; Barcode; Description; Internal Product code. Leave blank if not on the spreadsheet (there should be at least one entered). The system will try an match on Internal product code, then supplier and barcodes, then description. This is in order of how likely they are to match products in your system.

  • Price Information - enter the columns that contain the price information. List price is the RRP/MRP, Price is your buy price, Price per number is the number of items the price relates to and can be used to calculate a price per each. Price per unit is used to match the price unit on the system, MOQ is the minimum order quantity. Using this the price list can be used to bring different prices for quantity purchases of the same product (i.e MOQ 1 = £3 each, MOQ 10 = £2.50). Valid from & to are if a line has a different valid period to the values in the header.

  • Once you have mapped the template, close the spreadsheet

  • Click on 'Browse' at the top of the screen and select the spreadsheet from your computer

  • Click 'Import'

Uploading a spreadsheet with existing template

If you have previously mapped a a template to a spreadsheet layout, it is a quick process to upload the data:

  • Click on 'Browse' and select the spreadsheet from your computer

  • Import config - select the template from the drop down. Should be the name of the supplier

  • Click 'Import'

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