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How to Edit Products - Archiving Products

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

These can be removed from the database by setting them to ‘Archived’ as a status. You can either edit individual products, or use the bulk edit tool.

Editing a single product

  • Search for the product

  • Global Search in top banner

  • Products menu > Products > Live Products View

  • Recents on dashboard

  • Timeline

  • Click the 'Edit' button top right

  • In the ‘About’ tab

  • Set the ‘Product Live Status’ to Archived

Bulk editing products

  • Products menu > Products > Live Products View

  • Use the filters to get to the products you want

  • Highlight the individual products you want to edit

  • Click on ‘Edit Selected’ button

  • Select the ‘Archived’ status (do not enter values in other fields unless you wish to edit them)

  • At the bottom of the screen you will need to enter a confirmation number. This is the number of products that you want to set to archived. The number to type is in the box in grey, but it prevents users bulk editing thousands of products accidentally

  • When the current number is entered the ‘Confirm’ button will turn green and you can proceed

NOTE: It is worth checking that the products don’t show as having stock before archiving. Products can be unarchived in the future if required.

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