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How to extract Merchanter data into Excel

OData extraction to Excel allows data to be summarised or reconfigured to an appropriate format to report Sales, Purchases, Certification and more.

On your Merchanter system you can:

· OData Extract into Excel

OData extract into Excel

· If you are a Super or Prime user using Excel you can access the OData tables.

· Go to the Data tab in Excel

· If you have accessed your Merchanter system before for OData click on ‘Recent Sources’

· If this is the first time accessing OData from your Merchanter system click on:

· ‘Get Data’

· ‘From Other Sources’

· ‘From OData Feed’

· Enter your system url and type on the end /odata/Analysis for example – https://unitrade400-<mysystem>

· When asked for security protocols select ‘Basic’ from the left-hand menu

· Once the data is loaded into Excel you can organise the data by creating Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and more.

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