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October 2021 - Bug Fixes

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Here is a quick update on the bug fixes that have gone into Merchanter in October 2021.

Bug Fixes





No specification error on volume only packs


Previously when entering volume on volume only packs it was showing a specification error


Cost price update on Mill output stock


Previously the cost price was using the wrong unit of measure on mill output lines with different stock and cost price units.


Specification not updating on Supplied order line


Previously updating the specification on a supplied order was updating the quantities, but the display on documents was not being updated.

Sales Orders

Placing orders against archived customers


Previously some customer searches were including archived customers when adding new orders

Sales Orders

Back orders for Mixed Width specification products


Previous the back order placed the entire original specification on the back order. Now gives a description of the original order specification and the dispatched quantity, so the user can judge what to back order.

Sales Orders

Credit note - Unit product sold as per 10/100/1000 incorrect.


Previously was costing to per unit, now calculating on per 10/100/1000

Credit Notes

Blank price or cost price in sales order edit results in error


Previously the system trapped that the user had blanked out price or cost price during edit, but didn't warn them. Now prevents blank price fields.

Sales Orders

Inter-Branch Transfer confirming text lines


Previously text lines were being logged as product lines on IBTs. Now processing correctly


Stock take: blank spec pieces, thickness, width or length causes error


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