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Sales Order Overview

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

A Sales Order can be created from various areas within Merchanter.

Orders will pass through the following stages:

Draft – Allocate – Dispatch

This video gives an overview of the Sales Order Process.

On your Merchanter system you can:

Use various methods to create a Sales order.

Draft > Overview

Sales Menu – Sales Order +New

- + New Order

- Confirm Order information

- Enter - Customer information

- Find a customer by name, address or Customer code

- Confirm - Supply & Payment Method

A Sales Order can also come from:

- +New in the banner – Sales Order

- Basket view – New Draft Sales Order

- Customer Account page - +New Order

Allocate > Overview

- Allocate Order or Quick Dispatch (bypass straight to Dispatch)

- Confirm order information – Allocate order

- Issue Documents

Dispatch > Overview

- Dispatch Order

- Dispatch order information - Confirm

- Dispatch selected lines

- Issue Documents

- Confirm Supplied

- Review product information - Confirm items supplied

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