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Stock Taking Overview

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Stock taking allows fast confirmation of product stock and will be quick to retrieve in the system.

This video gives an overview of Stock taking.

On your Merchanter system you can:

Manage Stock taking by single or multiple users

Step 1 : Identify What to Count

- Use filters to be more specific

- Confirm - Schedule for counting

Step 2 : Assign Counts

- Select products - Create stock count job

- Draft Stock Count – Enter Ref

- Enter – Employee

- Close until count needed

Step 3 : Count Stock

- Select Stock Count to begin

Merchanter screen size & layout is optimized for tablets

Confirm stable local wireless

- Enter Count Quantity

Recorded to the minute of the day for accuracy

-Allows Perpetual Stock Counts-

without the need for pausing trading

or to perform at the close of business

Step 4 : Resolve Stock Adjustments

- Review tabs - For Approval / Completed / All Counts

- Approved by a Manager, Reject & Recount or Amend

#StockTakingOverview #IntroductiontoMerchanter

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