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Unit vs Measured Stock Control

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Merchanter allows merchants to stock-control products to different levels according to product type.

This video gives an overview of Stock Methods.

On your Merchanter system you can:

Decide how to stock, buy and sell products on a product-by-product basis using the following features;

Unit stock control product - example; Zinc Woodscrews

- Live products overview

- Product view - Stock tab

- Physical – Allocated – Free

- Future stock – Purchase orders raised but not yet received

- Pre-allocated can be placed on expected deliveries

Measured stock control product – example; 47x200st

- Live Product overview

- Product view – Stock tab

- Physical - Allocated - Free

- Two fixed dimensions and a length value

- Measured products can 1, 2 or 3 fixed dimensions

- Loose stock length table – review length variations in stock

Packs – bound lengths of timber - example; 47x200st

- Pack tab of product view

- Physical - Allocated - Free

- Are counted as a simple unit item

Packs are processed through the system without additional calculation or handling considerations by the user

Sheet materials – example; 12mm x 1220mm x 2440mm Birch Plywood

- Simple unit products

- Product view - Stock tab

- Physical - Allocated - Free

- Multipacks table – indicate pack size and loose items

Mixed width products - example; Mixed Size Sapele Planed All Round

- 1 fixed dimension

- 25mm (1”) Sapele Planed All Round

- Product view – stock tab

- Physical - Allocated - Free

- Mixed width tables

- New for the new system

- Mixed size Sapele Planed All Round

- Product view – Stock tab

- Mixed size pieces table

These are a few stock methods, Merchanter allows further methods based on product requirements.

Learn more about Stock Methods:

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