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Using the Basket

The Basket allows fast collection of products for orders and will be quick to retrieve in the system once a sales order has been created.

This video gives an overview of the Basket.

On your Merchanter system you can:

Use the basket to add products to generate a Quote or Sales order.

- Go to the Basket view and find a product + (Add to basket symbol)

- Product view – Add to basket

- Global search – find a product – Add to basket

- Home page – Recents Panel – Products Tab – product view – Add to basket

- Copy product information from an existing order to Global search

Add required items to the basket to process an order:

- Retail Sale – Enter and confirm Retail sale information and process payment

- New Draft Sales order – Enter and confirm information to create the Draft Sales Order

- New Draft Purchase order – Enter and confirm information to create the Draft Purchase Order

- Once a Draft Sales or Purchase Order is created, Merchanter is ready to Allocate the Order

- Orders are allocated and become live orders

- The next necessary step in the order process is taken:

Draft >Allocated >Dispatched> Completed>Supplied

Another useful feature of Merchanter is;

Copy Order – This allows users to quickly produce a new order based on an existing Order

(you will find this on existing Orders as a Copy Order button at the bottom of the view)

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