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Ten-25 was founded in 1981 specifically to meet the trading and stock management needs of the timber industry.


Our aim has always been to empower our clients to build better business through technology and we’re very proud to have been doing just that for almost 40 years.


Our Merchanter software now caters for a wide range of merchant businesses, but our principles and high standards remain exactly the same. 


​40 years is a long time in any industry, but in technology, it's a major achievement, and one we're so proud to have reached.  1981 was a big year. It was the year of the first London marathon, the year Charles and Diana got married, and the year IBM launched its personal computer. Of course, the concept of the internet and cloud technology would have to wait well over a decade to enter our lives, but it marked an important year for technology. It was also the year that Ten-25 was officially founded by husband and wife team Baird and Sue Oldrey, later joined by Norman Symcox.  Developed from the Sherry & Haycock System Ten computer, later run on a System 25 computer (which inspired our name), Ten-25 worked exclusively with timber and builders’ merchants in the early days using the inaugural STRIP system, continuing the work Baird had been involved with since 1974. In true start-up fashion, Ten-25 originally operated from the Oldreys’ home, but quickly expanded into offices in nearby Ferndown. The early STRIP system gave way to new iterations of software as technology advanced, and the Oldreys’ son Ian joined the business, working initially on marketing before moving into product development and eventually taking over as Managing Director. For 40 years, Ten-25 has continued pioneering new technologies with a consistent goal: to help merchants build better business more easily. The capabilities of the systems continue to evolve as technology facilities enhanced functionality. As co-founder Sue Oldrey reminisces, “Even back in 1974 I remember wondering when the system would be finished – and of course, it never is!” Merchanter, our cloud-based  ERP system launched in 2020, is rapidly rolling out to a widening range of merchants and we are delighted to be  experiencing significant growth, adding several new members to the team over the course of 2021 to meet rising demand for the software.

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