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Stock Smarter

Imagine never needing to close your doors for stock checks again.

With Merchanter, you can achieve perpetual inventory, the holy grail of stock management. That means always knowing exactly what's on hand, on order, in transit, and reserved, eliminating the need for disruptive and time-consuming closures.

Merchanter, our cloud-based ERP software, empowers you to:

  • Gain real-time visibility into your entire inventory, including stock levels, orders, and reservations.

  • Increase accuracy and trust in your data, so you can make informed business decisions with confidence.

  • Eliminate the need for stock closures and keep your business running smoothly.

Spend less time counting stock and more time focusing on what matters most – growing your business.

Slow moving stock

Identify slow-moving stock quickly and create targeted promotions or deals to get it selling faster.

Perpetual stock checks

Ditch time-consuming full stock takes. Gain confidence in your stock levels by focusing daily checks on a select few items for optimal accuracy.

Handy sub-stocks

Leverage lot tracking to pinpoint stock locations, identify certified items, track shipments and batches, and more.

Buy or make stock?

Use real-time stock levels to determine if buying or making stock aligns better with your sales goals. Consider repurposing existing stock into higher-demand products.

Certified life

Track product movements and stock to maintain clear visibility on all certified products you handle, ensuring regulatory adherence.


Quick wins for smarter stock

Merchanter is industry-specific software. That means it lets you categorise and stock materials in whatever way you need to. You can hold product by weight, length and type, and conversions between different metrics are really simple.

So however you want to buy, stock, process, range and sell your materials, Merchanter makes it easy and accurate.

Fit For Your Purpose

Stock Smarter with systems

Milling, Processing & Treatments

Add to customer orders or mill for stock orders. Mill and Return lines improve the description of processing required, adding the right information to the cost and selling price of a job to ensure you are making a sensible margin every time.


You can also send material to Outworkers for additional processing – whatever your way of working, Merchanter allows you the ultimate control with the ultimate flexibility.

Length Reporting and Control

Get incredible insight into the movement and performance of stock by length, perfect for timber merchants.

Hold each cross section of timber to a specification of lengths. 


See all lengths on one stock display and enter multiple lengths on one order line.

Multi-Branch Trading

Know what is stocked at every branch, in any format, instantly. Place orders for customers to be despatched from straight from your other branches, or restock regionally before you run out.

Volume to 3 Decimal Places

Sounds simple – but most systems can’t do it! 

We help increase accuracy in volume, reduce waste, and boost your profits.

Industry-specific benefits that help you work smarter, not harder.

Merchanter is particularly suited to the complexities of construction supplies and allows incredibly easy switching between metrics, packs, lengths, weights and any other required criteria to make merchant trading and stock management simpler and more accurate.​

Get in touch

We love chatting to people about their businesses, and how we can help. 


We'll always give an honest opinion on whether Merchanter is a good fit for your business - it doesn't help either of us if not. 


Get in touch, and let's get the ball rolling.

Try the free demo

We’re so confident that you’ll find Merchanter easy to use, we’ll give you access to it for free, with no obligation.

Try Merchanter in your own time, with no pressure from a sales rep.


Simply send us your details, and we'll send you your login. 

Book a guided demo

Prefer a personalised demonstration?

Schedule a 1 to 2 hour online demonstration and we'll guide you through the system's functionality, customised to match a business like yours.

For a genuine real-world experience of Merchanter, we'll even set up sample products for you to play with.

If you're a steel stockholder or timber merchant, you'll know just how incredibly complex certification can be. Merchanter makes it simple to keep track of the relevant paperwork, enabling you to digitally attach it to the relevant stock so your sourcing and trading is all audit-compliant.


Digital storage of certification saves enormous amounts of time and can eliminate errors and omissions. With more and more stringent standards coming into place, including UK-specific regulations as part of our exit from the EU, the process and auditing of certification in steel production is only likely to get worse, so having a simple system in place to manage it is essential.

Stock Certification

Stock Smarter with

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