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Buy Better

Tired of struggling with purchasing decisions?


Merchanter takes the guesswork out of buying, making it smarter and more efficient. By combining real-time sales trends with your current stock levels, Merchanter automates reordering, ensuring you have the right inventory at the right time.

This empowers you to:

  • Secure cost-effective purchases: Make informed decisions about order quantities by identifying optimal buying opportunities.

  • Source from the best suppliers: Leverage insights to find reliable suppliers offering competitive prices.

  • Minimise stockouts: Prevent disruptions and lost sales by maintaining optimal stock levels.

With Merchanter, buying becomes strategic, not just a reaction to empty shelves.

Compare supplier prices

Upload price lists and compare live quotes from multiple suppliers for the same product.

Just-in-time stock

Use stock turn data to predict demand and order only what you'll need for upcoming sales.

Buy what sells

Analyse sales data (including size/length variations for measured products) to prioritise high-selling options.

Trade currencies

Use live currency feeds to buy currency in advance and secure the best value on imports.

Know your on-costs

Include all additional purchase-related costs (recorded in Merchanter) to calculate your true in-yard cost and ensure healthy profit margins.


Quick wins for better buying

Suggested Reordering uses both real-time and historic stock and sales data to help you make informed decisions about what you should be keeping in stock.

Merchanter uses historic supplier lead times and average sales per week to ensure you’re holding enough stock until your next order arrives, without having to calculate the figures manually.


So, if your supplier’s lead time creeps up, or if your sales start to slump, your target stock figures are adjusted automatically to ensure you’re never without product – or drowning in it - thus avoiding lost sales (and potentially customers) and dead stock consuming warehouse space and your valuable cash.

Automatic Suggested Reordering

Buy Better with

Struggling to managing complex forward contracts, especially across borders? Merchanter is your secret weapon.


  • Lock in exchange rates at the time of purchase, ensuring predictable costs. No more sweating over currency fluctuations.

  • Break down bulk commitments into manageable chunks, simplifying order generation and keeping you in control. Crystal-clear visibility into your inventory, allocated precisely to each customer order.

  • Seamlessly link sales orders to forward contracts. Track every shipment with a unique ID, trace its progress in real-time, and capture Bill of Landing numbers for a watertight grip on your deliveries.

  • Never miss a deadline again. Merchanter flags potential delays with automated alerts

  • Generate all necessary documents - shipping instructions, mill certificates, invoices - with a single click.

Forward Contracts

Buy Better with

Recording On-Costs

Merchanter goes beyond managing your core inventory costs. It empowers you to effectively manage "on costs," the additional expenses associated with importing goods on Forward Contracts. These costs, such as freight, shipping, insurance, and port dues, can often be overlooked, impacting your bottom line.

Merchanter allows you to:

  • Record on costs associated with each purchase and forward contract.

  • Allocate on costs across purchased items based on volume, value, area, weight, or a fixed amount.

  • Calculate the accurate "in yard" cost of sourced goods, considering both material costs and on costs.​

Average Cost Price Changed Alerts

The Average Cost Price Changed (ACP Changed) KPI helps you manage margins and pricing effectively. This dashboard tool flags cost changes in your stock, allowing you to instantly:

  • identify affected products, and

  • maintain or adjust your selling price to preserve your desired profit margin.

ACP Changed ensures you're always aware of cost fluctuations and generates informed pricing decisions, keeping your business profitable.

Preferred Suppliers

Merchanter simplifies your purchasing process by allowing you to designate preferred suppliers for each product. This prime supplier will be automatically suggested when creating purchase orders, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

You can also add multiple alternative suppliers for each product, providing flexibility during ordering processes. Each supplier can have a unique code associated with the product, streamlining order creation and identification.

Supplier Pricing

Import prices directly from your suppliers' preferred format, saving you time and minimising errors.

Choose between using our simple template for copy-pasting data, or mapping your supplier's specific spreadsheet layout to quickly update whenever they send new price lists.

Industry-specific benefits that help you work smarter, not harder.

Merchanter is particularly suited to the complexities of construction supplies and allows incredibly easy switching between metrics, packs, lengths, weights and any other required criteria to make merchant trading and stock management simpler and more accurate.​

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We'll always give an honest opinion on whether Merchanter is a good fit for your business - it doesn't help either of us if not. 


Get in touch, and let's get the ball rolling.

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