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Merchanter is a complete trading, business and stock management system designed specifically for merchant businesses.


It offers 24/7 access from anywhere, the flexibility to stock products and materials by whichever metrics you require, and simplifies certification tracking in the process.


Simply log-in from any smart device to run, monitor or organise your business from anywhere, at any time.


This is a true cloud ERP system, and it’s revolutionising merchant trading.


Upload current data

Use smart tools to simply upload customer, supplier and product information, via spreadsheets, from your current software.

We provide guidance to make coding and setup as simple and quick as possible



We work with you to configure the operations of the system to fit your business.


From configuring printers and email, to what each user can see and do, a well configured system is an easily used system.


Training & Go Live

Every Merchanter implementation comes with unlimited online training. 

We also make sure your project manager is totally available to you the day you go live. 


As simple as 1-2-3

Traditionally it would take several months from signing a contract for a new ERP system and having it installed, integrated and ready to go.
We are setting new records in how fast customers can be up and running with the system; one recent client had the system installed and all staff onboarded within one month of doing the demo.
That makes it one of the, if not the, fastest and most agile system available in the UK today.


Features that help you work smarter, not harder.

Merchanter is particularly suited to the complexities of construction supplies and allows incredibly easy switching between metrics, packs, lengths, weights and any other required criteria to make merchant trading and stock management simpler and more accurate.​

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