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Tired of chasing the perfect sale? You know the one: having the right products in stock, at the right price, and presented to the right customers, all at the right time.

In merchanting, achieving all of this can be a challenge without the right tools. Traditional ERP systems often struggle with the unique demands of managing diverse unit and measured products, leading to inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

That's where Merchanter comes in. Our cloud-based ERP system allows you to simplify complex selling, streamline operations, and unlock new sales opportunities. With Merchanter, you can: 

  • Effortlessly manage unit and measured products with superior accuracy.

  • Optimise stock levels to ensure you always have the right products on hand.

  • Gain data-driven insights from your trading trends to identify and capitalise on uncovered sales opportunities.

All-in-all, Merchanter lets you concentrate on what matters most: selling more.

Never again doubt your stock levels. Merchanter's innovative Stock Confidence feature provides an instant snapshot of inventory accuracy, empowering sales reps to sell with confidence. When stock confidence dips, the system automatically flags products for verification, eliminating the risk of false promises and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Beyond confidence, Merchanter fosters smarter stock management. Features like Stock Turn help you optimise inventory by identifying in-demand products and streamlining replenishment. Additionally, the system promotes information transparency across your entire team, from warehouse staff to management, guaranteeing real-time data accuracy.

Stock Confidence

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Get in touch

We love chatting to people about their businesses, and how we can help. 


We'll always give an honest opinion on whether Merchanter is a good fit for your business - it doesn't help either of us if not. 


Get in touch, and let's get the ball rolling.

Try the free demo

We’re so confident that you’ll find Merchanter easy to use, we’ll give you access to it for free, with no obligation.

Try Merchanter in your own time, with no pressure from a sales rep.


Simply send us your details, and we'll send you your login. 

Book a guided demo

Prefer a personalised demonstration?

Schedule a 1 to 2 hour online demonstration and we'll guide you through the system's functionality, customised to match a business like yours.

For a genuine real-world experience of Merchanter, we'll even set up sample products for you to play with.

Industry-specific benefits that help you work smarter, not harder.

Merchanter is particularly suited to the complexities of construction supplies and allows incredibly easy switching between metrics, packs, lengths, weights and any other required criteria to make merchant trading and stock management simpler and more accurate.​

Credit & Margin Controls

Close deals faster and build stronger customer relationships with Merchanter's intuitive Credit and Margin Controls.

Go beyond rigid pricing structures and set flexible margin levels by customer, category, sub-group, or even individual product.


This allows your sales team to offer competitive quotes and tailor deals to specific customer needs, reducing internal approval bottlenecks for a smoother sales experience.

Price Tracking

Navigate volatile markets and stay ahead of the curve with Merchanter's powerful price tracking features. Gain valuable insights not only into individual customer pricing history, but also into broader market trends.

Say goodbye to underpricing and missed opportunities. Merchanter empowers you to confidently navigate market fluctuations, ensuring you never leave money on the table.

Faster Order Processing

Say goodbye to tedious tasks. Merchanter automates routine processes - sending quotes, invoices, reports, and more. Access crucial information like certifications and customer notes instantly.

Streamline workflows with built-in automations, ensuring everyone in your team has access to real-time data.

The result? Faster responses to customer queries, improved auditability, fewer errors, and more time to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

eCommerce Integration

Unify your online and offline operations. Merchanter seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce website, ensuring real-time data synchronisation.

Your customers enjoy accurate product information and availability, while online orders are instantly recorded for precise stock management.

This translates to fewer errors, improved stock control, better product availability, and ultimately, more sales.

Who's buying right now?

Identify your recent big spenders (like those small builders, farmers or joiners) and give others in their industry a friendly call.


They might share similar needs and buying power!

Clear your stock cobwebs

Identify products gathering dust in the warehouse with a "slow-moving stock" dashboard.

Assign a special offer price to those items, and if they're relevant to the customer groups you identified in tip #1, use that as an extra reason to reach out when you call.

Add-on sales

Instead of relying on email, pick up the phone and personally call customers expecting deliveries today or tomorrow. Confirm their details, ensure they're ready to receive their order, and see if they need anything else.

A quick phone call shows you care and might uncover additional sales opportunities.

Do more online

If you've got a thriving e-commerce website, nice work! But have you considered other online marketplaces like Near St, Plane & Simple, eBay, or Amazon?


These platforms can broaden your reach and put your products in front of a whole new customer base.

Know more, sell more

Send an email to your loyal customers, highlighting the top 5-10 products they've purchased from you.


Include clear stock levels (like "123 in stock" or "over 100 in stock"), and don't forget to mention any special offers or price reductions to grab their attention and encourage them to stock up on their favorites.


Quick wins for more sales

Close deals faster and keep customers happy with Merchanter's flexible metric system. Effortlessly switch between metric and imperial measurements, as well as length, weight, volume, pack, or unit, ensuring seamless communication and accurate quotes.

Merchanter adapts to your customers' needs, not the other way around. This translates to happier customers who can purchase products in their preferred format and increased efficiency for your team, allowing them to manage figures quickly and effortlessly.

Flexible Metrics

Sell More with

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