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Budget-Friendly ERP: Where 'All-Inclusive' Beats 'À la Carte’

stressed man on vacation

You’ve booked that plush hotel for a two-week break in the tropics or around the Mediterranean. It’s cost you an arm and a leg, but the holiday rep was very convincing, and you’ve earned it. You arrive at the hotel; the building and grounds are beautiful and secluded. You check in, unpack, get a deckchair on the beach and…

“Hiring for half a day or whole day?” asks the attendant. “That’ll be 10€ please”.

Begrudgingly, as you have paid top dollar for the hotel and your own little slice of this beach, you part with the cash. In his other hand you see the drinks menu, alongside the snacks menu, and everything is in double digit euros. Evening comes, and every meal is at least 100€ a couple - and that’s without the cocktails.

In the morning when you fancy trying out a windsurfer or canoe – well, make the most of it. You won’t be hiring one again.

Within days you feel like you’ve walked up a dark alley and now you know you’re going to be mugged – or maybe you’re just a mug? You realise that your holiday is going to double in price from what you’d budgeted and there’s little you can do about it as the hotel is miles from anywhere. A slight bitterness settles in, a sense of buyer’s remorse.

The holiday you deserve

All inclusive beach holiday

Enter, stage left, the all-inclusive holiday – a genuinely inclusive one with branded drinks, snacks, and access to water sports all bundled into the price. A holiday where you know the price upfront, and if you need or want a little bit more you merely need to ask. No preorder, no fee, no drama – bliss.

Buying business software can be a similar experience (bear with us here).

It’s easy to get drawn into the marketing and opt for the glossy and “too-good-to-be-true” package only to find that it actually is too good to be true, and not a package at all. Modules you would assume are included are not, initial training and implementation services were quoted but if you need extra help then that’s almost £1000 a day extra for the privilege.

You want it hosted? That’s extra.

Support? Extra.

How about out-of-hours support (out of the suppliers’ hours, not your hours!)? Also extra.

It’s not a surprise that many business systems (ERP) users experience a doubling in their original budgeted cost within a few years. And just like our secluded remote luxury hotel, you can’t go anywhere else because now the only feasible option is the original supplier’s option – welcome to the dark alley.

The grass is greener…

However, it doesn’t have to be this way and if you’re a fan of “knowing where you stand”, accurate budgets and the relaxed feeling that you get from a genuine all-inclusive holiday, then you’ll be pleased to know that software can be purchased in the same manner.

Our preference is to provide our customers with an all-inclusive service and offering. One which is devoid of any “nasty little surprises” but still provides the very best in functionality and technology for our merchant customers. A price that includes the software, the hosting, the support, the installation and, in the unlikely event that you need some more training (as the system is designed from concept to be easy to use) just ask and we will provide – at no extra cost.

Why do we do this? Well, if our clients are to retain their competitive edge then we don’t feel that they should be faced with the dilemma of extra costs to achieve it. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to improving the efficiency in your business or the service you give to your customers.

When your business does grow (and our customers grow by an average of over 19% compared to the industry average of 6%), and you have new members of staff, simply let us know and we’ll add an extra user to your plan at a low set price per month (from £45 - £155 per additional user depending on their user type) – no additional training costs, no surprise set up fees.

And if you do need some bespoke development to suit your specific needs, or a round of in-person on-site training, we’ll quote everything upfront – so you'll never be caught off guard by an unexpected invoice.

So take a break, take a “holiday” with Ten-25. Relax, knowing exactly what to expect and at what price.


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