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Introducing Ryan: From Sawmill to Software

Ryan Osborne joins Ten-25 as System Implementation and Project Manager

We believe that Merchanter's power comes from our intimate understanding of merchant’s needs. Our team has spent over 40 years immersed in the world of inventory management, sales order processing, and pricing strategies, catering to the unique challenges of merchanting, and this deep expertise is what makes our software truly effective.

That’s why we're thrilled to strengthen that expertise even further with the arrival of Ryan, our new System Implementation & Project Manager. With 20 years of experience working in the timber industry, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. He'll be instrumental in ensuring Merchanter continues to evolve and excel in serving the specific needs of timber merchants.

We had a chat with Ryan about his past roles, and how he hopes to use them to improve the Merchanter implementation process.

Q: Welcome to the team, Ryan! You’ve got a fascinating background in timber and IT - Can you tell us a bit about how it brought you to Ten-25?

Ryan: It’s actually a two-part story. While working at Hopping's Softwood Products, I saw firsthand the potential of Ten-25’s software (Unitrade and UT360 at the time), especially for timber importers like us. I even helped Ten-25 understand our specific needs, such as forward contracting and Timber Certification, and develop relevant features, user experience and layout.

When Hopping's was sold, I moved to Silva Timber, using a different system. That experience, unfortunately, wasn't ideal. Poor project management, implementation and lack of user testing led to major launch problems. I knew there had to be a better way to help companies transition smoothly to new systems, so I reached out to Ian at Ten-25, hoping to put my experience to good use.

What unique perspective do you bring to the Ten-25 team?

I'm not just an IT guy; I've lived and breathed the timber industry for 20 years. I understand the quirks, the B2B and B2C dynamics, and the specific challenges timber companies face. This helps me see things from both sides – the customer and the software developer – and bridge the gap between them.

And how does Merchanter compare to other systems, based on your experience?

Merchanter shines in user control and flexibility. With other systems, you’d have to contact developers for any changes as they don’t natively understand timber, which of course adds expense and delays to the project.

With Merchanter, much of that can be handled by users after a little training. It's like giving them the keys to their own system, saving time and money on development.

So, what's do you want to achieve from your role as System Implementation & Project Manager at Ten-25?

I'm in constant learning mode, soaking up everything I can about Merchanter and Ten-25’s customers. It's a fresh challenge, and I'm excited to be part of making a difference. My ultimate goal is to hear someone say, "Thanks, Ten-25, you saved me an hour a day!" That'd be pure satisfaction.

On a lighter note, what are your passions outside of work?

When I’m not diving into tech, I'm probably lost in a world of music, art, or a good old-fashioned Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Keeps the creative juices flowing!


Thanks for the insights, Ryan! We're thrilled to have you on the team, and we can't wait to see how your unique expertise helps Ten-25 and our customers thrive.


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