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There’s no such thing as too much knowledge

Well, not when it comes to using your business software to your maximum advantage, anyway.

That’s the overriding message to come out of a recent survey we conducted with some of our customers. While over 90% reported that they felt they knew the system “inside out,” over 60% of respondents still said they would “definitely” benefit from further training. And as you know, we always aim to please.

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Whenever we welcome a new customer, we are always careful to assess and meet their training needs with a new system. We provide training in the system basics, and depending on each user’s role and requirements, we’ll then provide more in-depth information to help everyone using the system to get what they need from it.

It’s what you’d expect from any software provider worth its salt, and we’re delighted that your responses to the survey indicate we’re doing that pretty well.

But we think we have more to offer. There is potentially more value you can get from your system than you’re currently getting, and that’s why we’re introducing a system of advanced system coaching; a masterclass for those who will really benefit.

For the majority of people, the training given is plenty. Sometimes it’s a lot to take in all at once, and before you’re fully up to speed, it’s almost impossible to know what it is you’ll need to know six months down the line. People’s roles change within a business over time, and you might find your needs will change from year to year.

For example, if you’ve been happily churning out automated reports for the last year, you might be perfectly happy with the performance. However, what if you knew about a few little hacks and tricks that could boost your data value, and provide more insightful feedback to help you make even better decisions? What if you knew how to streamline your stock management data to shave off an extra couple of percentage of waste? Until you know what else is possible, you can’t keep advancing.

Our additional coaching service is a completely optional bonus initiative. It is not required in order to use the system comprehensively and effectively day to day; nothing is being held to ransom and we’re not doing away with our existing induction and training processes, so every customer will still receive the complete training package we have always provided free of charge with each system. What we are offering is specialist, advanced coaching for anyone wanting to really take their system usage and analysis to the next level, potentially boosting business performance and getting even greater value from a system you already use. It might help with a new advanced module, a particularly tailored role, or a certain function that falls outside the norm.

The masterclass coaching programme offers participants the chance to really step up their understanding and ability with the system, or with the new advanced analysis options, to make a real difference to their own personal and professional development and potentially to the wider business.

Let’s get rid of the notion that training is boring or pointless – this is all about enhanced performance of both system and people, optimising your existing resources, and potentially adding that little advantage that could make all the difference. You might only want one or two people to take part – we know that one or two well-informed “super-users” can be a huge benefit to the business as a whole, and the usefulness of good data just cannot be overstated (as we’ve talked about before!

If you’d like to know more about our advanced training, please do get in touch and we can put together a bespoke package to suit your needs. After all, it’s never too late to learn a few new tricks!


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