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A new look for a new era

At Ten-25 we’re very proud of our heritage.

For well over 35 years we have been owned and run by the same people, with the same family values and focus on customer service, and that’s not going to change.

But one of the reasons we’ve been able to stay at the forefront of the industry is thanks to our ability to embrace change, and to keep moving forward.

In 2018 we are very excited about the upcoming launch of our new system, UT400 Merchant Business System and Apps, a new generation of software designed to enhance sales, purchasing and stock management at businesses of all sizes.

And with that drive for a new, modern approach, we are also proud to unveil our new company and system logos.

We wanted a logo which alluded to our roots in the Timber and Builders’ Merchant trades, but one that was updated and embodies the sleek, straightforward, flexible power of our software. We hope you’ll agree that our new logo does all those things.

Ten-25 logo

Over the coming months we will be updating all our branding and collateral with our new logo. So when you see it, don’t worry – the team behind Ten-25 is the same driven, customer-focused team you’ve worked with all along.

Technology stands still for no-one however, and therefore, neither will we.

Here’s to a very bright 2018 and beyond.


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