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New features and updates for September 2022

Always evolving to meet your needs

Merchants’ needs change all the time, and with the market presenting so many tough challenges at present, it’s even more important that their systems can keep pace with those accelerating changes.

We aim to provide the very best ERP system for merchant businesses and so we are constantly updating and improving Merchanter to give our customers access to the very latest version of the software, and the best features to work with.

Here is a quick summary of just a few of the new or improved features rolling out with September’s Merchanter update. And remember, because it’s a cloud system, the updates roll out automatically, so they don’t cause a load of disruption to the working day.

PO/Credit Note Permissions

This function allows pre-authorised limits for Purchase Orders and Credit Notes to be set up for more junior staff members to save time at the point of processing and for senior staff members issuing approvals.

Critically, it also allows for inter-branch transfers as well, and can even be used for shared users, identified by their unique PIN so everyone’s actions are recorded.

Sales Management Improvements

Price tracking:

Order lines now include a letter code to denote how the price was derived. That means you can see at a glance whether it’s an automatic tabled price, quoted price, manually set, margin based and so on. You can also easily switch between different pricing, setting them by margin, manual input, value etc. It’s a useful way of keeping an eye on prices and ensuring you know exactly how and why each order line price has been set at that particular rate.

Customer Records:

From a customer's records, it’s now even easier to see the detail of every line per order, just by clicking to expand an order. It’s a really quick and easy way to check the details when you need to.

Cash Drawer:

This helpful little update has improved end-of-day cashing up. It’s split by senior and junior user to enable more junior members to complete the end-of-day report without having to approve it, thereby reducing delays in processing. Instead, discrepancies can be commented on with a simple note, and will be automatically flagged for approval by a more senior member of the team. That way, the cash drawer is instantly released to be traded in once again, and there is no danger that discrepancies will be overlooked or mistakenly approved by someone without the right authority to do so.

Stock Enhancements:

We’ve added the ability to buy, stock and trade just by weight of product. You can switch easily between kilos and tonnes and of course, there’s still the Unit Price option for pre-bagged materials. But this should make life a lot easier for those of you dealing with aggregates and other weight-based materials, whether you’re bagging it up yourself or trading it loose.

We’ll be back next month with another round-up of the key updates we’ve made. In the meantime, if you have ideas for features or tweaks that would make your life easier, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


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