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What's new: brand new features now available in Merchanter

Updated: 3 days ago

New features - KPIs for merchants and suppliers

As we may have mentioned once or twice, Merchanter is packed with features to help every member of your workforce achieve more every day with less stress, in less time.

But with over 110 KPIs in the system, it can be hard to keep track of them all. So we thought we’d start shouting about some of the new additions. (Plus, it never hurts to give our developers some airtime – we like to keep them happy)

Remember, Merchanter is fully customisable, so you can personalise your dashboard according to your role and responsibility, making sure that you see the most useful, relevant tools and metrics and keep all the business-critical information you require close to hand. Industry-specific ERP software has a reputation for being complex and unwieldy but we make every effort to keep things simple and ensure every user has the clarity and control they need for optimum productivity and ease.

Brand new KPIs for merchants and suppliers

1. Quotes expiring in the next 7 days

Fairly self-evident, perhaps, but incredibly useful. This nifty little tool flags up which quotes are due to expire in the next week, so your sales team can chase up orders, re-quote if prices have changed, and keep an eye on customer behaviours without having to trawl through hundreds of emails.

Given how volatile market pricing is at the moment, it’s definitely worth ensuring every quote has an expiry date clearly marked, so you don’t end up selling stock at a loss just because the market price has shot up since you last quoted it.

2. Cash sales paid but not supplied

Catchy title, we know, but it’s such a useful thing to know. Not only will it help to give the logistics team a nudge that stock is due out, your customers will be much happier when they don’t have to wait too long for their orders.

But the massive benefit of this feature is that it’s incredibly useful for keeping tabs on what stock is already accounted for, so paid-for stock is ring-fenced for collection or delivery, so won’t be allocated elsewhere in the interim.

3. Paused orders

It happens all the time and they can be easy to forget about – but forget no longer, because the paused orders KPI is here to remind you of all those work-in-progress orders that have been put on hold. Whether the customer needs a nudge or you need to action the order from your end in another way, the prompt is there to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

We’ve also introduced special offer KPIs and a flag for products with negative stock to make sure attention is focused quickly and directly where it’s needed.

Always have the latest version

One of the great advantages of cloud software is that it gets updated remotely, meaning you’re never far away from the latest version of the system and all the new features that come with it. We are constantly adjusting the system for optimum performance, fixing the inevitable bugs that find their way into any software system, and adding new features.

Sometimes these are little bonus features – and sometimes they’re real game-changers, adding unique functionality to set you even further apart from the competition.

If you’re an existing customer, don’t forget to keep an eye on for the latest training guides and videos to help you get the most out of your system. If there is a feature you’d like to know more about, our doors are always open so please just drop us a line!

We’re always building on our library of material for our knowledge base and your feedback really helps us to prioritise our workflow.


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