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You didn’t want a desk job anyway

When you started out, you probably weren’t dreaming of having a desk job. Who does? That’s not what inspired you to get where you are now. You had a vision, a dream, a business to run, an empire to build. Wouldn’t you like the freedom to do just that?

Well, we’re here to help.

We’re saying no to being tied to your desk, to the repetitive, time-sucking jobs that keep you stuck working IN your business, rather than thinking big and working ON it.

We’re giving you the tools to step away from your desk, to get out to the yard, to your customers, to your weekend or your kid’s birthday party – to get to what’s important, not just what’s urgent. We’re giving you the peace of mind to step away, safe in the knowledge that you can run the whole show from absolutely anywhere.

Working by the pool with an iPad

Engage your staff, impress your customers, inspire your suppliers to go further, faster, leaner. And all from wherever you like. Control your business from home, oversee ops from overseas.

Log-on to logistics and swot up on stats, all with less effort, less time and less hassle, from any device, securely, safely and simply.

Transparent, target-focused dashboards show each user exactly where their opportunities are, and intelligent analysis gives you the information you need to make decisions that really make a difference. Simple, powerful and effective. Less error, less missed opportunity, less wastage, less risk. More trading, more engaged staff, more profit, more growth.

Merchanter Dashboard

Merchanter is designed to give you more from your working day without being tied to your desk. It’s our most agile, powerful and user-friendly system ever, an all-new, online merchant business system for integrated purchasing, stock management and sales.

So join us in our mission to find freedom from your desk, to have the time and resource to focus on what’s really important – and to grow your business while you’re doing it.


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