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What could you do with an extra month a year?

Updated: Jul 5

What could you do with an extra month every year?

Time moves fast, right? Time is precious. Time is finite. Time is impossible to reclaim once you’ve spent it. And for most of us, there’s just not enough of it.

So what if we told you that you could gain back a month or more of time, simply by changing your software system.

And what if we told you that was a month EVERY YEAR.

And what if we told you that was just in one area of your business, and that the potential time savings across the whole operation could be much, much more?

What could you do with that time?

Time is precious


A clichéd expression, perhaps, but in business, it’s actually true. Time equates to cold, hard cash at the end of the day. The faster a process can get done, the less time it takes, the lower the cost of each process or transaction to the business, and the more time is freed up to process more, or focus on other things.

A customer recently told us that the automations in the invoicing system of Merchanter was saving them three days a month in admin time.

3 days a month! 36 days a year. That’s over a month, just in the invoicing department.

"Due to the multiple ways in which Merchanter can deal with customer price terms, we are saving at least three working days per month on invoicing and invoice issues, which makes a huge difference."

Mike Tregunna, Build Supplies

When you look at all the time-saving features included in other areas, you start to see how having a better software system at the heart of your business can really add up to major time-savings.

  • If you could build perpetual inventory methods into your daily stock management processes, how much time could you save a year in stocktaking?

  • If you had alerts to flag up potential stock issues before they became a problem, how much time could you save reacting to issues and managing customer expectations?

  • If you could make changes to document branding and layout quickly and easily in-house, how much time and money could save outsourcing or asking your IT supplier?

  • If every PO, sales order, milling instruction or quote took a few seconds less – how much time would your workforce save in a year? How many more transactions could they process? How much more profitable could you be?

It’s easy to see how the savings add up, and a system that saves you that much time (as well as reducing waste, streamlining efficiency and boosting profits) will pay for itself very quickly.

When we say time is precious: we mean it.

Compound value adds up to more

It’s important as well to think about what you could do with that time. We’re not talking about laying off staff or paying them less; but freeing up large amounts of time does enable you to focus more on the areas of the business which drive profit.

"The searchability and visibility throughout the whole system makes every task quicker, easier and that bit less painful."

Mike Tregunna, Build Supplies

So, you could be spending longer analysing product sales trends to inform your buying decisions.

You could be redeploying admin staff into sales or customer success teams.

You could be using the savings in transport and logistics to invest in new, greener technologies or additional resources for your business.

You could be leaving on time more often.

You could be on holiday without having to dial in every day.

You could be growing your business.

It’s not just the day-to-day time savings that are tangibly reducing overheads and improving quality of life for your workforce. It’s also the added value of using that time in a more efficient, productive and profitable way, to drive more sales and revenue and help your business grow in a stable and sustainable way.

If you’d like to find out how much time you could save across your business, why not try our free online demo system for 30 days.



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