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7 things great software can do to help you grow your business

Updated: Jul 5

It’s a tough market out there. Every business needs every advantage it can get – and our software could be just the advantage you need. We believe it can be the difference between a business that gets by, and one that flourishes, grows and evolves.

And because everyone likes getting straight As, here is our A-grade line up of system features that will help you grow your business, as proven by our own customers.

1. Analysis

The trading analysis module in Merchanter is something we’re immensely proud of.

Trading analysis UniTrade360

Information is power, and this is a system which will guide you in getting everything from basic to incredibly advanced information from your fully integrated system.

And because it’s fully integrated, we’re not just talking invoicing, or stock, or trading - we’re talking everything, every function of your business, all in one place, seamlessly linked through an easy-to-use, drag and drop style interface that lets you cut the data any way you need it.

2. Alerts

Think how many stressful situations could be avoided if you knew in advance that you were running low on a certain type of material, without having to manually check?

Think how much time your accounts team could save if credit gaps, disastrous margins and other financial anomalies were flagged up automatically?

Think how much better your day to day decision making could be if you had that information to hand all the time. That’s exactly what you get. Personalise alerts so you’re only told about what you need to know – and that can be in any sector of your business.

The possibilities really are endless.

3. Automation

Time is one of the most precious commodities we have in business, and the capability to automate different functions of your business can save you lots of it.

Invoices, reminders, invites, newsletters, delivery updates, stock-holding, quotes, reporting, analysis – whatever it is you need, this is system designed to help you achieve it faster.

4. Accuracy

You need to be able to trust your figures, whether that’s to tell shareholders exactly what profit you’ve made or to tell a customer precisely what stock you have of a certain material in which yard.

With Merchanter you get instant, pinpoint accuracy on everything from stockholding to performance statistics so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

5. Accessibility

You’re out on the road, off to see a client, and you need the latest stock figures, last quarter’s margin reports, or a client’s credit history – and you need it now. No problem.

Contact Ten-25

Our systems are optimised for remote logins so you have the information you need, from client financials to timber yard stock holding, at your fingertips.

And it’s completely and utterly secure.

It also means that when a client rings up and their usual account manager is off sick, anyone can jump onto the system and have the full client order history right there, down to the last quote or delivery note.

Less stress, better customer service.

6. Action

Good software helps you make better decisions every day, allowing you to take the right action to guide your business forward.

Intelligent business solutions enable intelligent business action, helping you drive your business forward, and grow it sustainably year on year.

7. Acceleration

OK that’s a bit of a stretch but go with us on this one.

Once you have streamlined your operations, optimised your margins, organised your stock-management and made your day to day business more efficient, your business growth will speed up.

We know it will, because we see it happening, day in, day out, with our customers. They know it, and we know it.

The right software is the secret to your business success – so make sure you’re talking to a supplier who knows your industry inside out, and has developed intuitive, intelligent systems specifically to meet its needs.

That’s us, by the way. In case there was any doubt.



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