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Why “usable” should be top of your system wishlist

Whatever you’re looking for in a new inventory and order management system for your business – above all, make sure it’s actually usable.

How many times have you bought something – a new gadget, piece of technology, an app or an appliance – because you were bowled over by what it said it could do, only to get it home and realise that actually, it just doesn’t do that. Or it does, but you’d need a degree in astrophysics to get it to work yourself. All too often, the promises we’re sold fail to deliver, either because the product just isn’t up to the job, or it’s so complicated it’s impossible to use effectively.

If something isn’t usable, then all the fancy frills and techno-speak in the world will not make it worth your hard-earned money. That’s why usability lies at the heart of Merchanter – the most usable inventory and order management system for merchants.

Why is usability king?

  1. A usable system enables fast, accurate and efficient business operations

  2. A usable system means productive, engaged and happy staff with the tools they need to do their jobs well

  3. A usable system reduces waste; wasted time, wasted resources, wasted energy, wasted materials and wasted trading opportunities

  4. Accurate operations ensure managers have the right information to monitor and control

  5. A well-managed business provides the understanding, information and opportunity for growth

  6. If a system isn’t usable at the ground level, all the fancy dashboards, KPIs, reports and maps mean nothing

Usability gets everyone up and running faster with a new system, and keeps them more productive, day in, day out. Usability puts your business needs at the heart of the system and gives you the tools you need to do the job well. Usability means all the right functions and features to help you get more out of every working day with less effort, and it means that all the dots are joined up, avoiding duplicated effort and limiting human error.

We’re not aiming for fancy – Merchanter is simple, easy to use and a hardworking tool. But it’s nice to look at, it’s designed to engage, and it makes understanding and carrying out your business operations simpler than ever before.

Simple? Yes. Powerful? Absolutely. Complicated? Absolutely not.

Your purpose is our purpose – so we make the systems specifically designed for your purpose. Simple, powerful, usable systems for everyday greatness.


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