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Coming Soon – Electronic Document Scanning

Updated: Feb 2

Electronic Document Scanning

Over the summer we will be introducing a new module to add onto your Ten-25 system.  There will be two versions of the EDS module available: an introductory version that can be used to scan in signed Proof of Delivery documents (Despatch Notes) and a more advanced version to read, extract data from and import all sorts of documents, including Test Certificates, Design Documents and Purchase Invoices.

Working from most models of scanner, the software will import a batch of documents, and have the data verified by a user, before being saved as PDFs on your server. 

UniTrade 360 users will also benefit from having Notes added against customers, suppliers and orders with a link to the PDFs.

The PDF documents can be viewed, reprinted or emailed on from the Windows folders, or picked up by Task Centre to be automatically emailed or printed.

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